CANINE OR PETS & Artificial Grass

Love your pet but hate the bare spots, random holes and muddy paws that naturally comes with grass?

Don’t get rid of your pet. Get rid of your lawn! Replace it with pet-safe realistic artificial grass and you’ll rest easy knowing the money you spent on your landscaping isn’t being ruined by your pet’s digging and urine that often causes yellow grass. And, your home’s interior will be saved from muddy paws too!

PolyGrass’ experienced installers understand how important a properly installed drainage system is for pet owners. Our team ensures that urine, water and other liquids drain straight through to the base – no odors are left behind. Not to mention it’s extremely easy to hose off and your pet’s excrement never leave stains.

Non-toxic artificial turf is a year-round solution that the entire family can enjoy. Delicate paws (and toes) will run through the “grass” with no threat of tripping hazards like holes and sprinklers. Our durable “made in the USA” synthetic grass products can really take the rough treatment that some dogs dish out, with only minimal maintenance required.

Are you ready for a pet-friendly yard that is beautiful year-round? Contact the synthetic lawn experts at Polygrass today.