How would you like to improve your golf game conveniently and comfortably in your own yard?

A synthetic putting green might be just what you’re looking for. Our economical, premium-grade golf greens look and feel good rain or shine, giving you the most authentic golfing experience year round.

What you can expect from a PolyGrass, high-quality artificial turf putting green:

  • Low/No Maintenance – No watering, reseeding, or fertilizing – once your putting green is installed, it will always look it’s best.
  • Safety – Our top of the line artificial grass is soft, non-toxic and safe for you, your family and your pets.
  • Increased Property Value – A synthetic golf green can add property value to your residential or commercial property.
  • Customization – Your golf game is unique and your artificial putting green should be as well. Our design and installation team are the best in the business at customizing your green with slope, breaks and hole locations that are as individual as your game.

Our putting green projects feature the very latest in residential putting green technology – pre-curled polypropylene with a dimensionally stable backing. This material uses silica sand infill that will help control chip shot dampening as well as ball speed.

At PolyGrass, we understand the key to beautiful, long-lasting synthetic golf green starts with the preparation. Our technicians are masters of base preparation, using the latest in putting green materials to give you the most realistic ball roll possible.

Two styles of artificial turf putting greens to fit your game:


  • 2-5 cups
  • Smaller in size, ranging from 12×15 up to 15×25
  • Light slope and contours included
  • Chipping or bump and run pads included
  • 12″ deep 3 part cup assembly


  • CAD design prior to construction
  • Lots of slope and undulation purpose built, including tiers, uphill’s, downhill’s, left to right, right to left, flat straight and custom contours)
  • 6 to 11 cups, or more
  • Complete fringe all around
  • Chipping areas built in
  • Sand traps if desired
  • 12″ deep 3 part cup assembly
  • 1 complimentary tune up 3 months after construction

We can also customize an artificial putting green for your Commercial property. Whether it’s an apartment building, condominium complex or even a practice range for your store, office building or shopping center, our commercial-grade putting greens are your ticket to happy clients. Did we mention putting greens also increase the value of your property?

Whether you’re looking to add an artificial putting green to your commercial or residential property, the experts at PolyGrass can help make your putting dreams come true. Contact us today!