Are you ready to have a lush yard without the cost of watering?

We know. You drive through neighborhoods and wonder how your neighbors can afford to water and maintain their beautifully green lawns? Are they insensitive to the drought, you ponder?

The truth is that many of your neighbors have already found the benefits provided by artificial grass. And the secret is that no one can tell the difference! Artificial grass, synthetic lawn, synthetic grass, artificial turf

Polygrass’ premium synthetic grass, also known as turf grass, is:

  • Vibrantly realistic in color and texture – your bare feet will thank you
  • Non-toxic and completely safe – your family and pets will thank you
  • Low maintenance with no mowing, seeding or fertilizing needed – your back will thank you
  • Drought resistant – your environment will thank you
  • Inexpensive to install and maintain – your budget will thank you


  • Nearly half of your water bill each month is spent on landscaping and lawn maintenance of your average size yard. Beautifully realistic artificial lawns require NO water. Imagine your water bill being cut in half and your contribution to water reduction during one of the most severe water droughts in California history.
  • Two of the top causes of global warming are water and air pollution. With your synthetic grass you will be reducing water consumption and air pollution. Now you can get rid of that lawn mower!
  • You’ll also be reducing the use of toxic chemicals such as fertilizer and weed killers.

By the Numbers:(US Statistics, unless other wise noted) Artificial grass, synthetic lawn, synthetic grass, artificial turf

  • 91 million households support lawn and landscaping with Artificial grass, synthetic lawn, synthetic grass, artificial turf
  • 78 million households use pesticides (210 million tons annually), fertilizers (1.2 million tons annually) and herbicides
(90 million pounds annually)
  • The Lawn industry represents the 5th largest “crop” grown in America, larger than wheat, soy and other staple grains! (source: Association of Synthetic Grass Installers)

PolyGrass is a proud member of the Association of Synthetic Grass Installers. Please visit their website to learn more about the benefits –

Your lush, manicured, environmentally-friendly synthetic lawn awaits! Contact Polygrass today for Artificial grass, synthetic lawn, synthetic grass, artificial turf